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Dolores Cannon Blog Page serves as a venue for Dolores’ students, fans, and followers on her life and career as a hypnotherapist.  This page also establishes how she was first introduced to reincarnation; how she developed her unique style (Quantum Healing Hypnosis – QHHT technique) and the moment she started teaching it; how she began giving Live Talks and Lectures and what’s her motivation to write 17 books to date.  This also gives amazing information on how Dolores’ career in hypnotherapy has improved over the years from the small region in Arkansas, USA to global recognition in terms of Past Life Regression and Metaphysics.


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  1. Thank you for doing this work. It must be rewarding to someone with such a curiosity. I was wondering if you are part of the first waves? I have not read any of your books (yet) and this may be in them. I have however watched several video interviews of you and there was no mention. Also I was wondering, have you had any reports of hypnotists that work in the emotional subconscious report that they are seeing people without past lives, as in straight from Source, or is it only available at the deep levels you work in?
    Kindest Regards,

  2. I have just started learning about you. Would like to know when you will be in Dallas. I would like to meet you.

  3. Hi Dolores,

    I had the opportunity to see a video on youtube of you and read somo articles in internet and i would like congradulate you for you amazing work! It´s really a honor have people like you in this world.

    Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    Sara Lourenço


  4. Dear Dolores,
    I have read some of your books, I think they are fascinating. I was disappointed that the so called Ascension didn’t happen.What is your thoughts about it? I do believe ETs are real,UFOs are here. I wish they disclose themself, bring peace and prosperity on Earth.
    (English is my 2nd language)

  5. A friend introduced me to your video and I am very interesting in past life regression as I had an interesting “dream” about something that I had no knowledge of otherwise.

  6. Just a note of love & appreciation for Dolores :)
    I recently “discovered” you on a YouTube video & just adore your wit and ‘cut-to-the-chase, with a smile’ style of communication. Your dynamic energy radiates love, wisdom and a bit of …mischief! I look forward to meeting you one day, at a future event.
    Much Love & Many Blessings,
    Jess in South Carolina

  7. Dear Dolores
    I have just finished Convoluted Univese Book 4. I am still wating on book 3 to arrive from the UK. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and did actually attend a lecture you gave in Camberwell or Canterbury some years ago.

    I think I have now read almost all of your books and I find them fascinating. Actually I feel a sense of joy and jubilation at what the future is bringing. I have never felt so optimistic since lately, and your books have certainly assisted in that.

    I was wondering if you have ever hypnotised anyone to the future. You may have and I have forgotten…but I would be fascinated to know what our individual futures will be. I would actually love to be hypnotised to find out what mine would be like, but I know it would not be possible. I don’t have any idea what you charge for a hypnosis, but it doesn’t matter. Just reading about what our collective futures will be, if you could get that into a book, would be be fantastic.
    I know you are extremely busy, and after reading the latest comment in the finale I am surprised how much energy it must take you to travel all around the world over and over.

    Anyway, I feel a tremendous love for all you have done in enlightening people the way you have. My little book “On the Path to Enlightenment” seem so meek in comparison to what you have written. I also wrote a book called “A Message of Hope for Mankind” but to my knowledge neither book has had much success.

    Please continue your marvellous work as a guide to others and a teacher of enlightenment to the world.

    My congratulations to you on all you have achieved.

    Peace, Love & Light

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