Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Courses Now Available Online

If your mind is powerful enough to make you sick, it is also powerful enough to heal you.  That is the ultimate goal of my hypnosis courses, which teach my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). Before a practitioner can ask what many call the higher self or soul to heal the body, the cause behind the problem must first be identified. This is done using my unique technique of regression that enables the facilitator to guide his or her subject back through time into their past lives. But to be able to regress a subject in the first place requires training. That is where my new online hypnosis courses come in:

dolores-cannons-quantum-healing-hypnosis-technique-courses-onlineOnline learning provides you the ability to take an educational course in the comfort and convenience of your own home at your own pace and is a perfect option for eager students who are unable to travel, or can’t afford to attend a class or school in person.

Not only has the Internet revolution changed how I do my work and teach my hypnosis courses, it has transformed the ability to access information and the possibilities for further education in all areas of life. As we have seen in recent years, especially since the beginning of the new millennium, technology has reshaped our world in profound ways.

When I think back to what it was like when I began working in this field in 1968 it must be hard for young people to imagine how difficult it was just to do basic research. For example, the first time my late husband Johnny and I regressed a subject into a past life, it was up to me to take notes so I could write to historical societies, government agencies and professional directories to try to confirm if a name, place or event revealed in the sessions was a verifiable fact in the public record. It could take weeks or months just to get an answer or reply and more often that not the records were incomplete.

Now, after developing and practicing my technique of hypnosis and past life regression for over 40 years, it is exciting to be able to reach and teach more people through my online hypnosis courses than ever before.

I could never have dreamed this would even be possible all those years ago except for the information coming through many of my sessions that spoke of the amazing advances that technology would bring to our world during this pivotal time in human history.

To be able to share the ability to help people in need is an honor and a vital part of my work to disseminate lost knowledge as human consciousness continues to evolve. With widespread access to the Internet around the world, more students than ever will be able to take my hypnosis courses and expand their awareness wherever they are.

Dolores Cannon


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Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Courses Now Available Online — 10 Comments

  1. Much like the others i came to know of you through my mother. In listening the first time to some of your videos i realised why i was here at all. I also have had a massive shift in my 42 nd year here on earth. I remember after along time being off the right track that i really m meant to heal and give hope to others. I have healing hands and recently decided to learn some accupressure. And other things related to this. I like crystal healing I was very much a “hippy” as a young lady and interested in all psycic phenominom and spiritual and stones and anything in this direction. So now three careers later i want to make a shift. I also need to heal myself … And i just realised that i wanted to do your course. I will subscribe online and as i live in Australia i couldnt attend a live class unfortunately but i have faith i will learn well anyway through your lessons online. I want to ask two questions. 1 can i just begin treating people once accredited ? And on a totally seperate topic is having a baby bringing karma into my life ? I have two amazing very powerful young adult daughters and im contemplating starting again … I thought perhaps ill have another amazing child but i fear the baggage … Can i heal the masses and have a love child too. Lol. Sounds silly but i just am curioys your views on new children and karma ect
    Looking forward to committing to healing the masses …. And myself !
    Corina x

  2. Hello beautiful lady, i need to ask you about this online workshop….i am a mexican girl and my english is not 100% so i would like get it with translate at the spanish is this possible??? PLEASE!!! i have one year waiting for you in Mexico my heart says that i need to learn that you teach…..Big hugs for you.

  3. Me gustaría saber como es q se hace una cita con la sra. Dolore Canon. Hablo muy poco el inglés, dónde o con quien me puedo anotar. Iría desde la Ciudad de México a una sesión con ella sería fabuloso para mi. M podrían mandar la información a mi correo. De antemano muchas gracias.

  4. Feliz noche señora Dolores cannon.

    Quisera saber si es posible hacer el curso a distancia desde España y si el idioma podria ser algun problema.

    Si es posible le agradeceria contactar via mail paraa el tema del pago y mas informacion.

    A lo largo de mi vida el numero 11 es una constante, al intentar informarme sobre este tema me han ofrecido todo tipo de opiniones desde que tengo temas pendientes, entiendo que a nivel de vidas pasadas, hasta que es algo malo, pasando por la numerologia en la que las opiniones tambien varian dependiendo de la fuente que consulte, en ocasiones creo que es algo bueno pero a veces me surgen dudas ¿podria ofrecerme algun tipo de informacion mas fiable?

    Muchas gracias.

    Le ruego me disculpe si algo no se entiende muy bien mi mensaje ya que para comunicarme con usted en su idioma estoy usando el Google translator que no es muy preciso.

    Sea feliz.

    Happy night Mrs. Dolores cannon.

    Quisera know if it is possible to do distance course from Spain and if the language could be a problem.

    If possible I would appreciate contact via mail paraa the issue of payment and more information.

    Throughout my life the number 11 is a constant, while trying to find out about this topic have offered me all kinds of opinions since I have pending issues, I understand that in terms of past lives until it’s something bad, through numerology in which the opinions also vary depending on the source you consult, sometimes I think it’s a good thing but sometimes I doubt arise? could offer some kind of more reliable information?

    Thank you very much.

    I beg your pardon if something is not well understood because my message to reach you in your language I’m using Google translator is not very accurate.

    Be happy.

  5. Dolores, I have only come to learn about you recently. My husband found an article online and shared it with me, knowing my passion about this subject. To keep things short, I was floored at how deeply and strongly your work resounded with me, and it solidified things I have known all my life. I have been soul searching lately about my true purpose and after reading and delving into your work I feel learning more about this might be the right path for me. My question is, can I take your courses without any prior hypnosis training? Do you recommend I study hypnotherapy beforehand or can I study your methods as basically someone new to this field? Any input would be highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your body of work and great service to mankind. You truly are a gift to the Earth. <3

  6. Hi Dolores, You word of wisdom – I find in my poems – that must come to me from the Universe.
    A Thread – Each of us is a single thread – woven together by Love – into a Tapestry call Life.

    About Fear — Fear is our greatest obstacle in Life is Fear! Our greets Challenge in Life is to become Fearless.

    I find your wisdom – showing up in mu Poetry Thank you for being who you are!

  7. Thank you miss Dolores for the huge information your share to us,this information is very important now a days as many people is so misguided by some teaching of many religions,this kind of information cannot be found in any school or university, i wish to learn your technique to help people i hope someday you have time to go in our country(Philippines) teach our people, GOD BLESS YOU MORE AND MORE POWER .

  8. Our misión is to environmental remediaste this planet and to building the new Atlantis. cities in this planet
    We been contacted by illuminated masters and we been recipient of the Atlantis technologies to manage water and air..
    I remember little about the encounter and we will like to continue contact with them.
    Many people intend to destroy our mission during the years.
    If Posible we will like to talk with Miss Dolores Cannon.

    Best regards in profound peace

    Humberto Urriola

  9. Splendid! Been waiting for a long time to learn. I admire and connect with your work and there certainly is nothing better than learning the technique itself!

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